Real handiwork

With HandXcenter, Osmo has introduced a new application tool for the interior to achieve best results in wood surface treatment.

Besides their comprehensive range of wood products and coating systems, Osmo offers a large selection of tools and accessories for the optimal processing and coating of wood and wood surfaces. With HandXcenter, Osmo has expanded their offering of processing tools. This new development enables a professional application of oil-based coatings to colour and maintain wood surfaces. Therefore HandXcenter can be used for two application areas, and thanks to the even processing of coatings, it produces a homogenous as well as high-quality surface finish.


For refreshing or maintaining oiled wood surfaces – such as furniture, table tops and worktops – HandXcenter is the optimal tool. After thoroughly cleaning the surface with Osmo Intensive Cleaner, either Osmo Maintenance Oil or TopOil is applied and distributed. With a white pad attached to the hook-and-loop fastener disc, the oil is evenly buffed into the surface. The result is a clean, well-maintained and protected wood surface, which is resistant to dirt and wear.


For the individual coloration of wood surfaces, there are several Osmo products to choose from. Regardless of whether it is Osmo Oil Stain, Wood Wax Finish, Polyx®-Oil Tints or 2K Wood Oil – they all are easily and quickly applied with Osmo HandXcenter. First the coloured oil is very thinly applied to the surface with either a Microfibre Roller, Flat Brush or a lint-free cloth. Immediately afterwards, the coating is distributed and buffed with Osmo HandXcenter until a uniform coloration is achieved. For an intense colour, the process is repeated after the first coat has completely dried. To provide the treated surface with effective and durable protection, a clear top coat with Osmo Polyx®-Oil or Spray-Wax is recommended.

Osmo HandXcenter - single-disc machine for interior surfaces