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> Only high quality workmanship can preserve the natural beauty and durability of wood.
> Osmo are considered pioneers in modern wood coatings.
> Osmo offer customers coatings tailored perfectly to their needs.

Industrial Wood Coatings

Quality begins with procurement. For this reason, Osmo pay close attention to the quality and origins of the raw materials used. Osmo also avoid the use of so-called hidden solvents (SVOCs). The microporous surfaces from Osmo are characterized by excellent resistance and high durability. Independent tests and certificates have been confirmed this. Still, we continue to test and do research in order to ensure that you are satisfied with high value products that exceed the norm. This is something we proudly guarantee.

Industrial Wood Coatings

All Osmo Systems are characterized by their colour accuracy and exceptional reproducibility. Generally Osmo Systems consists of Base Coat and Top Coat. For indoor areas, the Base Coat defines the colour. With the Top Coat you determine the surface sheen and durability. Our Polyx® Systems are characterized by extremely low finish requirements, only 20 to 40 g/m² for a finished surface. For the exterior, the first coat fills the pores and the second provides the surface finish. Depending on the technology, either two coats of the same product are applied or separate Base Coat and Top Coat in one system.

Perfect surface results with only a few steps – that’s something to trust.

Industrial Wood Coatings

At Osmo, our passion for wood and finishes is poured into modern research and development. The basis of our research is to keep our products up to standard in terms of cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness with the latest technological developments, and at the same time take any changes to legal requirements into consideration. Moreover, the use of newly developed binding agents or new raw materials in production keeps us on the pulse of time. We always keep an eye on our aim to provide our customers, but also ourselves, the best coating solutions possible. Thanks to our experience with wood, we know what is expected of a good finish.

Industrial Wood Coatings


Osmo views service as personal and individualized support. Our application technologists are at your disposal worldwide to support you on site in the optimization of your production processes. Together with you, we plan any adjustments to your machinery that may need to be made. If desired we can assist you with the procurement of any new or used machines. Also staff training on the machines and overseeing first production runs are all part of our service package. Of course, you can always contact our technologists at any time, even long after your production has started.

In over 70 countries, our local Osmo dealers are at your service to answer everyday questions concerning the care and maintenance of Osmo surfaces. In such situations, you can utilize the power of the strong Osmo brand, or also when, for example, it comes to questions about the availability of certain care products.

Industrial Wood Coatings

Download the catalogue Industrial wood coatings right here.

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Industrial Wood Coatings

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