Interior Wood

Benefits in indoor areas

In the flooring segment, consumers are especially demanding. They insist on a wide range of optically appealing materials, prefer a modern or traditional look, want to have low-maintenance and durable products, ask about the ecological criteria met – and all that along with good value for money. Finding the right balance is a challenge we present ourselves every day. We offer you solid wood flooring in all of the most common wood species for various installation systems. For many floors, we also provide alternatives sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Wood is not always wood. If you have ever worked with it yourself, you have felt the difference. Only properly stored, warp-free and well crafted wood products make interior construction a real pleasure.  

Osmo offers wide selection of profiles, mouldings and edge-glued panels for the interior: profiled timber for walls and ceilings, sauna profiles, skirting boards and trim, construction wood, edge-glued panels and worktops. Everything made from high-value raw materials in Osmo quality with painstaking attention to detail.