Osmo products are sustainable and food safe and can be applied to cutting boards without hesitation.

A good morning with Osmo!

Only the best: natural ingredients

The best way to start your day is with a delicious breakfast.

It is simply a good peace of mind when the wooden surfaces of the kitchen worktop, dining table and breakfast boards have a food-safe treatment.

With Osmo TopOil, we offer you the optimal coating that is completely safe for your health.

A chopping board treated with Osmo in the kitchen.


Looking to make breakfast with your family even more individual? At the DIY store, you can have Osmo edge-glued panels cut to size - 15 × 20 cm per breakfast board is ideal. Do you prefer unusual shapes? You can simply draw them onto the wood, saw them out with a jigsaw and sand all the edges down with sandpaper.

Then treat the wood surface with Osmo TopOil so that the wood is well protected - and your new breakfast set is ready!

Osmo chopping board on a kitchen worktop - Osmo TopOil is excellent for the treatment of wood surfaces with contact to food


The oil and wax coating Osmo TopOil is ideal for protecting furniture surfaces made of solid wood or edge-glued panels in indoor areas. Especially kitchen worktops and dining tables are optimally protected with this coating based on natural oils.

 After treatment, the wood surface is water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, food-safe, fast to saliva and perspiration as well as resistant to wine, beer, cola and much more: even if some family members spill a bit more on the table, no problem at all thanks to TopOil.

Osmo TopOil and Spray Cleaner are ideal for cleaning and maintaining the kitchen surfaces.

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