"Selbst ist der Mann" Readers' Choice Award 2020

Osmo is competing in two categories as the Top DIY Brand in 2020

Home improvement and DIY projects are more popular than ever. Not only during the currently extra time at home, hobby craftsmen are increasingly using tools, paint, etc. to add a breath of fresh air to their homes and gardens. The product range is just as diverse as the project ideas – everyone can decide for themselves which product they ultimately choose and which brand is most convincing. For the readers’ choice award presented by the DIY magazine “Selbst ist der Mann”, users have the chance again in 2020 to vote for their personal top product of the year. New this year is the additional choice for the top DIY brand 2020, in which Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG is entering the race together with 47 other brands.

In an eight-page special edition enclosed with the October issue of the magazine, readers can find an overview and presentation of all products nominated as “Product of the Year 2020”. This overview is also available to download from the website. Apart from filling in a form, there is also the option to take part in an online assessment. The deadline for submission and participation is 5 November.

And this is how it works: For each category - interior, construction, gardens, hand tools and power tools - the reader selects one from a total of three products that they consider particularly innovative. Afterwards, for the first time this year, the do-it-yourselfers can choose their top DIY brand from a total of ten categories, from DIY stores to flooring. Osmo is in the running in the categories coatings/lacquers as well as wood protection.

Selbst ist der Mann - Readers' Choice Award (German) PDF, 3 MB