Material mix for the garden patio

The new CEWO-Deck decking system from Osmo combines wood and ceramic – for individual designs and an elegant look.

When it comes to designing garden patios and decks, careful planning is required to ensure that the outdoor area fulfils homeowners’ demands. Absolute essential is the right choice of materials, which should blend harmoniously into surroundings but at the same time offer high durability and a long lifetime. Osmo CEWO-Deck offers a just as clever as attractive solution. Its flexible installation options open up a wide range of design possibilities: no matter whether it is light-coloured wood combined with grey ceramic paving slabs or dark decking with suitable slabs in Graphite – with new CEWO-Deck, individualized garden patios are created.

This new decking system combines the natural materials wood and ceramic so that a stylish function-oriented patio design is possible. Thanks to the material mix, single patio areas can be highlighted and visually separated from each other. Under the lounge corner could be an ideal spot for warm, cosy, timber decking, whereas the barbecue grill would be optimally placed on paving tiles. In this system, Osmo decking is combined with ceramic slabs in nine colours and in two different sizes. Thus the perfect installation can be achieved for any patio size or layout. Good to know: the sub-construction made from long-lasting weather-resistant aluminium – one-time assembly – forms the basis for adaptable patio design. If the outdoor area needs re-designing, the aluminium sub-construction simply stays in place as the basis for the new installation.


Osmo Decking CEWO-Deck