Why you should choose an oil and wax-based coating system from Osmo!

On his YouTube channel “Schatz, ich bau’n Haus!”, Fabian von Berlepsch interviews Osmo product advisor Ralf.

Exterior wood must be optimally protected so it can be enjoyed for years to come. However, wood coatings and their applications can quickly become complicated if the wrong product is chosen or mistakes are made during application.

To prevent this, Fabian von Berlepsch contacted Osmo during the construction phase of his house and asked for helpful tips on how to apply the products. 

Since many questions were very extensive and we wanted to answer them in the best way possible and in detail, our product advisor Ralf visited Fabian at the building site.

Not only for Fabian's project, coating the roof overhang, Ralf provided helpful tips and experience. Ralf also shared a lot of information about the various coating systems.

Below we have listed some of the questions Ralf answers in the video:

  • How do you make wood more resistant?
  • What is a wood stain?
  • Why is an oil coating the right choice?
  • Is it only recoatable with oil?
  • How do clean the brush afterwards?
  • and much more…


Important questions concerning Osmo oil coatings and products for DIYers are answered in detail and are demonstrated.

Watch the video: Ralf and YouTuber Fabian von Berlepsch (German).

Osmo Ralf supports YouTuber with knowledge and experience