And the winner is:
Osmo Bangkirai-Öl

Osmo Bangkirai-Öl is the winner of the comparison test of wood oils in the renowned magazine HEIMWERKER PRAXIS

In a practical test, the editorial team of the renowned test magazine HEIMWERKER PRAXIS, which presents every two months its ambitious readers with tools and materials from the DIY industry, put a total of seven wood oils for the exterior through their paces in the current issue #3/24.

Osmo Bangkirai-Öl delivered the best performance across the board: It was able to hold its own against competitor products from Woca, Owatrol and Auro, among others, and was crowned winner in the top class with a top score of 1.3!

Osmo Bangkirai-Öl für Terrassen und Holzoberflächen im Außenbereich

Wood is used in many places around the deck and garden. This is due to its ecological benefits and its attractive, natural appearance. However, where it is exposed to the weather 365 days a year, regular care is required to ensure that the wood has lasting beauty. Osmo Terrassen-Öls, such as the test winner Bangkirai-Öl, protect and maintain wooden decking boards, garden furniture and privacy screens made of numerous softwoods and fine woods, offering a wide range of colours and high durability. Osmo Bangkirai-Öl is based on renewable raw materials and is absolutely harmless to health. When dry, the saliva and perspiration-resistant coating is even suitable for children's toys (tested in accordance with DIN EN 71.3).

Osmo Bangkirai-Öl protects wood while allowing it to breathe and preventing swelling and shrinkage. This makes the transparent, satin coating the ideal care finish for long-lasting wood protection and individual colour treatment. All Osmo Terrassen-Öls smoothen the wood surface, make it water and dirt repellent and are even suitable for use in pool areas.

Osmo Bangkirai-Öl schützt die Terrasse vor Wasser und Wetter und lässt sie in einem warmen ton erstrahlen

The editors of HEIMWERKER PRAXIS were particularly impressed by the ease of application of the Bangkirai-Öl, as well as its long durability - it was not for nothing that the product received the best rating of all seven decking oils tested in the "workability" category with a score of 1.2. It was easy to apply and exhibited a nice flow. For the application, Osmo Terrassen-Öl is stirred thoroughly with the stirring stick and then a part of the product is poured into the roller tray. The ready-to-use product is applied along the grain and it will not crack, flake or peel, thus preserving both the attractive appearance and the pleasant feel of the wood.

If a wood surface already treated with Osmo Terrassen-Öl only needs to be refreshed, one coat on the cleaned surface is sufficient and no sanding or priming is necessary. A real tangible advantage of the quite transparent pigmentation did not go unnoticed by the HEIMWERKER PRAXIS testers: even subsequent touching up of damaged areas and partial treatment of the wood is possible without any visible spots or transitions. For untreated wood, two coats are applied, each with a drying time of approx. 12 hours.

Particularly practical and another plus point for users: With Osmo Terrassen-Streichset in the Osmo range of tools and accessories, you are ideally equipped for individual DIY projects in the garden thanks to the Terrassenstreichbürste with handle, Flächenstreicher, three tray inserts and a roller tray.

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And the winner is: Osmo Bangkirai-Öl