Turn grey decking into wow decking

With Osmo cleaning and care products, weathered and aged decking gets an effective springtime beauty treatment.

As the first rays of sunlight drive the winter blues away and the starting signal for a new outdoor season gradually approaches, signs of wear, which were left on the garden deck from cold wet winter’s days, catch your eye. Wherever rain, snow and sleet was allowed to beat down relentlessly on timber decking, green growth, grey patina and brittle surfaces can now be seen. To ensure warm sunny days are not overcast, it is time to return the garden deck to its former glory with a beauty treatment. With highly effective cleaning and care products especially formulated for the needs of exterior wood, Osmo offers valuable support for a spring clean on the garden deck and long-lasting protection against future weather caprioles like intense summer sunlight. As soon as it stays frost-free outside and the wood is dry, it is time to get started.  

In the first step, the decking is freed of any sand, dirt, leaves and other debris. Afterwards it is recommended to give decking a thorough cleaning with Osmo Holzterrassen-Reiniger before tackling the green growth, which plant micro-organisms and other organic material have left behind. Green growth removal is quick, efficient and particularly convenient with Osmo Gard Clean. This product seeps into every crack, nook and cranny, and through self-activation, it clears away green growth and other similar natural dirt and grime within 24 hours. If the oil-based surface finish has been partially weathered away, remove it with Osmo Anstrich-Entferner-Gel.

Efficient de-greying and protective surface finish

Apart from dirt and grime, greyed weathered wood, in particular, spoils an inviting appearance and feel-good atmosphere of a garden deck. Especially uncovered areas with little protection against consistent weathering require routine refreshing. The solution: greyed wood can be quickly and easily treated with odourless biodegradable Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel from Osmo. Through the deep cleaning effect of the gel, grey patina is removed and – after re-oiling the surface –the warm natural colour of the wood is restored. Osmo Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel is generously applied directly to the dampened surface with the wood grain. After 20 minutes’ reaction time, the decking is then thoroughly scrubbed by hand with water and a hard bristle brush. For larger areas, Osmo Terrassen- und Fußbodenreinigungsmaschine is recommended – it provides relief for arms and back. Since the product has a non-drip formulation, even vertical surfaces, such as wooden fencing or planters, are easily treated. A follow-up coating for the restored and fresh-looking wood can be applied after 48 hours’ drying time and is best to carried this out with Osmo Terrassen-Öl. The transparent coloured, satin and microporous wood coating based on natural oils is the ideal surface finish for long-lasting wood protection and individual coloration. It smoothens the wood surface and makes it water as well as dirt repellent. The microporous coating protects wood, allows it to breathe and prevents swelling and shrinkage. Prior to the application, Osmo Terrassen-Öl should always be stirred well and a suitable amount poured into the roller tray. The ready-to-use product is applied with the wood grain. The surface finish will not crack, flake or peel, which in turn preserves the attractive appearance and the pleasant touch of the wood. Tip: do-it-yourselfers are best-equipped for the job with the practical Terrassen-Streichset from Osmo, which includes the Terrassenstreichbürste, three Flächenstreicher and three tray inserts and a roller tray. When dry, the coating is absolutely safe, resistant to saliva and perspiration as per DIN 53160 as well as suitable children’s toys as per EN 71.3. Osmo Terrassen-Öl can be used on garden furniture and fencing, too. For the first application on raw wood, two coats are recommended.