New and unique: privacy protection & power generation perfectly combined

Protect your privacy and the environment:

With the new Osmo Solar-Fence, you can generate your own renewable electricity thanks to high-quality photovoltaic modules - on both sides of the fence.

The design of the modules is also an attractive highlight in your garden. The seamless combination option with the other Osmo privacy screen systems gives you great design freedom.

Woman enjoying a sunny day with Osmo Solar-Fence in her garden

Energy transition at the garden gate

Privacy protection with added value

The powerful bifacial photovoltaic modules of Osmo Solar-Fence generate clean electricity and in turn, your household's energy costs are reduced.

The highlight: you can achieve high energy yields even if the fence is facing east-west because the solar modules are installed vertically. This allows you to capture and utilise the sun's rays even when the sun is low in the morning and afternoon. Great idea, great realisation: with Osmo Solar-Fence you benefit from more sustainability and privacy.

"Already ordered! It couldn't be any better in our garden."

Older couple laughing and enjoying reduced energy costs thanks to Osmo Solar-Fence

Power generation without upper limits

Fence and balcony power plants are easy to install and therefore interesting for many homeowners who want to reduce their electricity costs. Since 1 January 2024, the maximum output of such power plants has been 800 watts.

This means that only a small part of your own electricity needs can be covered. With the Osmo Solar-Fence, you are not bound by the upper limit of 800 watts. You can flexibly adapt the size of the Solar-Fence installation to your needs.

"Sustainability made easy - just the way I like it."

Woman picking homegrown flowers in her garden

Versatile efficiency:
This is what "bifacial" means

Bifacial photovoltaic modules utilise both direct sunlight and indirect light to generate power. The cells capture reflected light from the surroundings and unused light that passes through the module.

The back of the modules achieves up to 92 per cent of the maximum output of the front side. This double-sided energy generation makes them particularly efficient and the ideal solution for the Osmo Solar-Fence.

Diagram of Osmo Solar-Fence - sunlight produces electrical power

More energy – less effort

Always on the sunny side:
The advantages of Solar-Fence

  • Powerful: The system uses high-quality 430-watt photovoltaic modules with energy generation on both sides.
  • Robust: The glass-glass modules are extremely resistant.
  • Space-saving: The vertical installation of the modules only requires a small amount of space.
  • Easy to clean: You can simply clean the modules yourself at low cost with water and a sponge.
  • Flexible: Solar-Fence can be combined with all Osmo privacy screen systems.
  • Simple: Solar-Fence can be installed by yourself, you only need an electrician for the cable connection.
  • Benefits in two ways: You benefit from your own regenerative energy production and protect your privacy with a modern and attractive privacy screen system.
Drawing of Osmo Solar-Fence with a sun and garden shrubs

Your own solar system in the garden

Even if the roof of your home is not suitable for the installation of PV modules, you can now benefit from sustainable power generation.

Osmo Solar-Fence is the right solution for you: the modules are mounted vertically, so they take up very little space on your property.

Photovoltaic fences do not depend on buildings, which means that you do not usually need to obtain a separate licence to install them.

Osmo Solar-Fence is also available as an assembly kit. This makes it easier to plan and customise to your individual requirements.

Mother carrying girl piggyback

Here are three things you should consider before installing your Solar-Fence:

  • Check with your local building officials or a building code professional for the exact requirements and approval procedures for a solar fence in your area.
  • Before ordering your Solar-Fence modules, get an cost estimate for the work and materials required from an electrical installation company.
  • Your photovoltaic system must always be registered with your grid operator before commissioning. You should allow at least four weeks for the registration to be processed.
Osmo Solar-Fence system as perimeter fencing

That way nothing stands in the way of the sun

Maximum efficiency thanks to flexible installation

The energy yield of your solar fence installation depends on various factors. These include the location and orientation of the modules.

Your advantage: Thanks to its bifacial modules, the Osmo Solar-Fence system is optimally suited to both south-facing as well as east-west orientations.

This gives you maximum planning freedom - because there will always be enough sunlight reaching the modules.

Osmo Solar-Fence as privacy protection in a housing estate

Are areas on your property shaded by trees or shrubs so that not enough sunlight can reach a solar fence?

Osmo Solar-Fence offers a simple solution for this too: you can simply use another Osmo privacy screen element instead of a Solar-Fence element.

The system's aluminium posts are suitable for both Solar-Fence and all other privacy screen solutions from Osmo.

How about in a different colour? Looks good and makes sense if there is a shrub in the way: Alu-Fence Cube in grey.

Osmo Solar-Fence combined with Osmo Alu-Fence Cube in grey in a garden


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