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TopOil gives wood surfaces with contact to food a new fresh glow.

It is not only since the constantly rising prices that many people have been following the upcycling trend in their own four walls. Upgrading existing furnishings and furniture has long been established as a common method to optimize an awareness for sustainability and increase living comfort at the same time.

Particularly areas like kitchen counters, table tops or worktops lose their beauty over time and become susceptible to dirt, scratches and abrasion. If you want to breathe new life into wooden surfaces and protect them reliably against everyday wear and tear, TopOil from Osmo is the ideal solution.

The oil-wax combination makes the wood resistant and water-repellent. TopOil surfaces are easy to clean, abrasion-resistant and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The dried coating is food safe as well as saliva and perspiration resistant and therefore completely safe. Due to its certification according to EURO Norm 1186, Part 5/14, TopOil is destined for use on kitchen worktops, chopping boards or wooden dining tables and can even be applied to children's toys.

On untreated wood, TopOil, which is available in various colours, is best applied with Osmo Hand Padhalter and Öl-Farben Auftrags-Vlies or with Osmo Mikrofaserrolle or Flächenstreicher and always with the wood grain. After about ten hours’ drying, the process is repeated. For an occasional touch-up, it is sufficient to treat the cleaned surface with a thin coat.

To clean TopOil surfaces, Osmo Spray Cleaner, or alternatively water, is recommended. Washing-up liquids or all-purpose cleaners should not be used as they dissolve oils and fats, thus also waxes and oils found in the surface protection.

TopOil Colours and Sheens

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