Living in style with concrete

New Osmo Beton-Öl protects and maintains worktop, wall and flooring surfaces made of the trendy grey construction material concrete.

Interior design with a clever mix of traditional and modern as well as a connection between elegant minimalism and contemporary furniture placement is completely in style. Great popularity is enjoyed by the trendy industrial look. Apart from metal and wood, another material is an absolute must: concrete! This work material made of cement, sand, pebbles and water has long done away with its drab and boring image and creates a feast for the eyes as wall surfaces, flooring or furniture pieces. Especially for the needs of this grey on-trend surface, Osmo has developed the new Osmo Beton-Öl to preserve its unique appearance.

Osmo Beton-Öl is based – like the rest of the coating systems from the long-established Warendorf-based company – on renewable raw materials and is suitable for the clear impregnation of nearly all surfaces made of concrete. Screed and unglazed tiles as well as open-surface stone with polished, sanded or break surfaces are also provided long-lasting protection and a beautiful look with Osmo Beton-Öl.

Walls, floors, windowsills and worktops develop a water repellent and stain-resistance surface through the treatment with Osmo Beton-Öl and are ready and equipped for use in wet rooms or in the kitchen. Spilled drinks and splattered gravy can do this surface no harm and can be wiped away effortlessly without any unsightly discolorations. Allergy-sufferers can breathe easily thanks to the reduced dust development through the impregnation with Osmo Beton-Öl. The easy-to-apply and ready-to-use product is brought onto the surface thinly and spread well with Osmo Flat Brush, Flooring Brush, Oil Finish Applicator Fleece or Microfibre Roller.

Excess oil is best removed with a lint-free cloth. After drying for approximately 8-10 hours, the second and final coat is carried out in the same fashion – now nothing can stand in the way of relaxing family dinners, parties with friends and spa treatments in the own bathroom.