Generous donation from Osmo for Aktion Kleiner Prinz


A belated Christmas present was given to Aktion Kleiner Prinz by Christian Cordes, Managing Director and Owner of Osmo Holz und Color GmbH.Co.KG. "We were able to convince both our employees and our customers several years ago that it makes more sense to donate to a good cause than to spend money on promotional gifts.

They were happy to do without, and we are pleased to be able to hand over a donation for Aktion Kleiner Prinz’ work," says Cordes, explaining his decision to donate his company's Christmas advertising budget for the years 2022 and 2023 to the Warendorf-based children's aid charity.


The Warendorf-based company Osmo is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of modern finished wood products. Osmo employs around 280 people at its headquarters in Warendorf and its production site in Münster, making it one of the largest employers in the region.

Aktion Kleiner Prinz fundraising campaign

For several years now, Osmo has regularly supported the Aktion Kleiner Prinz campaign in various projects. With this, the company would like to emphasize the company's regional ties. "We are particularly impressed by the Aktion Kleiner Prinz’ concept of providing lasting aid to regions facing war and natural disasters, currently in Ukraine and in northern Syria, which was particularly affected by the earthquake," says Christian Cordes. "We know that donations that go to Aktion Kleiner Prinz are put to good use, and we would like to continue this successful collaboration in the future."

The children's aid charity will use half of the sum for psychological care for traumatized Ukrainian children in the Warendorf region. "We will use the other half to provide urgently needed food for northern Syrian families," explains Sylvia Oertker, Chairperson of Aktion Kleiner Prinz. "We will also buy medical supplies and bandages for the earthquake victims. Both are possible through our cooperation with the aid charities Barada Syrienhilfe and the Green Helmets. Osmo is helping us to help - for that we are so grateful."

Ricarda Reker-Nass, Press Officer for Aktion Kleiner Prinz

Aktion Kleiner Prinz fundraising campaign

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