Traces of the summer

Drinks, barbecues and candles: relaxing on the deck leaves marks

The current outdoor season has already provided plenty of opportunities for grill parties and get-togethers. Is there anything more pleasing than hanging out with friends under a starry night sky? However, such events often leave unpleasant surprises – for example, when at a chummy round of talks a glass falls over leaving stains on the timber decking. So your place in the great outdoors stays visually appeasing throughout the summer and so the garden deck still can out shine the sun, a beauty treatment for decking is recommended every now and then.

If you take the high quality cleaning and care products from Osmo, you will be on the safe side. These were especially developed for the needs of timber decking and also easy to use. Surface dirt and grime is best removed with water and Osmo Holzterrassen-Reiniger. If degreying the garden deck is on the to-do list, Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel is just the right product. This special cleaner is odourless as well as biodegradable.

Regardless of whether cleaning or degreying, it is recommended to end the cleaning and maintenance routine with a coat of Osmo Terrassen-Öl. This natural oil based product smoothens the surface and makes it water and dirt repellent. Now the joys of relaxing in the great outdoors will last and last – even long into autumn!

Wellness for garden decking