Surprisingly multifaceted: on-trend colour grey

Versatile stylish and on-trend: grey is an underappreciated colour, which offers several possibilities for creative home design.

No two greys are alike.

Grey has character. In particular, when combined with white or black, a suitable shade of grey can give cladding, fencing, garden sheds and privacy screens a touch of true elegance. Out of this combination, many variations especially for classic and straight-lined designs can be created. But, for full-surface solid-colour designs, grey is also a good choice.

Grey has a lot of potential.

Grey does not compete with colourful blossoms and flowers in your garden; on the contrary, it makes natural colours stand out. Grey-coloured areas gain presence when they are broken up and combined with contrasting colours like red or blue. Just how versatile grey actually is can be quickly noticed: furniture, flowerboxes or herb stands in the right shade of grey fit better into the garden.

Grey and opaque: a strong colour effect.

Opaque finishes, for example Osmo Garten- & Fassadenfarbe, in various greys achieve a strong colour effect and create clear contrasts between different coloured areas. Osmo Garten- & Fassadenfarbe dries very quickly and is sprayable. Osmo Landhausfarbe comes in a wide variety of colours. Both wood finishes are weatherproof and hide the natural wood colour, but the texture and grain of the wood stays noticeable. All colours from the same product line can be mixed with each other.

Grey and transparent: wood remains visible.

Want the characteristic wood surface to still be seen, but also want to colour it with a protective wood stain? A transparent colour treatment with Osmo Einmal-Lasur HS Plus is exactly the right choice. The advantage: the wood only has to be coated one time. Thanks to its high oil content, high coverage is achieved with this wood stain as well. That saves money and time. The colours Basalt Grey, Quartz Grey and Patina give wood a uniquely elegant look.

Opaque Grey Colours

Transparent Grey Colours