Clean and maintain WPC & BPC

Decking and privacy screens made of polymer composites are low-maintenance, but not maintenance-free. Already during installation, WPC and BPC may discolour; for example so-called “water rings” may appear due to a reaction between moisture and the low wood content. This – along with other discolorations like from barbecue grills – can be easily removed with Osmo WPC & BPC Reiniger

Remove dust and loose dirt with a firm broom or a hand broom. The concentrate can be diluted with water as needed in a mixing ratio from 1:10 to 1:20. Then apply the cleaning solution with Osmo Terrassen-Reinigungsbürste to the whole area and allow it to react for 10 minutes. Afterwards rinse thoroughly with water. This job is even easier with the help of the Osmo Terrassen- und Fußbodenreinigungsmaschine. Its counter-rotating brushes clean decking even more intensively and remove loosened deposits at the same time.

After thoroughly drying, a thin coat of Osmo WPC & BPC Pflege-Öl can be applied. This clear impregnation oil penetrates deeply and will form a film on the surface. Through the impregnation, the surface becomes water repellent as well as resistant to dirt and stains.

  • Always apply WPC & BPC Reiniger to the complete area and never undiluted. 1 litre cleans approx. 10-50 m², depending on level of contamination.
  • WPC & BPC Pflege-Öl provides very high coverage – thinly apply only. 1 litre covers approx. 40 m2.
WPC and BPC care