Greying timber cladding artificially

Grey wood looks classically beautiful. The natural greying process, however, occurs quite unevenly. UV rays from the sun destroy the lignin in the wood; afterwards rainwater washes it away. Therefore the part of the cladding that is protected by the roof greys more slowly than the storeys underneath. The result is a spotty, less attractive “zebra-striped house”.

There are two ways to counteract the natural greying process of wood surfaces. Either clean and restore the surfaces to the original colour or treat them with grey and silver shimmering stains from Osmo. They offer an especially elegant solution, with which wood surfaces shine in a modern grey from the very beginning, without waiting for the natural greying process.

Among six different grey and sliver tones, there is fitting solution for every architectural style and for every taste. The cladding appears especially lively when the grey tones change in fine nuances. So, for example, profiles can be installed so that they alternate between the tones: Pearl Grey, Patina and Quartz Grey.

Osmo Greying Stains