Removing old coatings and existing surface treatments

After some time, every timber decking starts to weather, look spotty and show signs of wear and tear in certain spots. With every look at the decking, the desire to restore the decking to an even and uniform surface increases. In such cases, Osmo Anstrich-Entferner Gel comes in handy!

Here is how old oils and stains are evenly and effectively removed from exterior wood surfaces:

  • Simply apply the gel generously to the dry surface.
  • Allow it to react for 30 minutes.
  • Keep the surface damp during the reaction time (e.g. with a spray bottle).
  • Afterwards scrub the surface with the wood grain and with a lot of clear water.
  • If the wood surface needs re-oiling after the treatment, the surface must be neutralized with Osmo Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel after drying.

Please note:

  • Cover all areas that should not be treated, such as sensitive plants, porous substrates (e.g. light-coloured pebble dashed concrete, render etc.), aluminium, zinc or lacquered surfaces.
  • Have mop water ready to rinse any surfaces (e.g. aluminium, zinc or lacquered areas) that have accidentally come into contact with the gel.
  • Please wear safety gloves and goggles.
  • Any Anstrich-Entferner Gel residue that is not washed away may have a negative influence on the drying and adhesive properties of subsequent coatings. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to thoroughly rinse the surface after treatment.
Removing old coatings