For every climate the right care

Wood experts worldwide appreciate Osmo because we offer the right products for every climate. While costal weather is very changeable with sunny, cloudy and rainy spells, there are warm humid summers and ice-cold winters up in the mountains. No problem, if your outdoor wood surfaces have the right protection. No matter where you call home – maybe the right product for your next project can be found here.


Climate: tropical, warm, high humidity, monsoon

Project: At the Ayurvie Weligama Resort, a boutique hotel in the south of Sri Lanka, yoga and Ayurveda enthusiasts can recover from their stressful everyday lives. One contributing factor is the impressive pool deck that was treated with Osmo Holzschutz Öl-Lasur 706 Oak.

Effect: Holzschutz Öl-Lasur gives the decking a lively brown colour and protects it against moisture. The colour pigments prevent greying through strong sunlight. Algae and mould do not stand a chance. The film protection in the coating counteracts any attacks resulting from the prevailing weather conditions.


Climate: extreme temperature changes between summer and winter, lots of rain, high humidity

Project: This large guest house at a golf club in the Pirogovo region near Moscow was designed by the architect Ilya Samsonov. It is made from Larch wood. Cladding, decking and garden furniture were treated with Osmo Einmal-Lasur HSPlus 9241 Oak and Osmo Holzschutz Öl-Lasur 701 Clear Matt.

Effect: Einmal-Lasur HSPlus 9241 Oak protects exterior wood, reduces swelling and shrinkage and gives it a soft brown shimmer. Thanks to the doubled oil content, you can forego a second coat. Pigmented Natural Oil Woodstain also offers effective long-term protection and prevents algae and fungal attacks – which is essential in such rainy regions. For the first coating, it must be applied twice; for renovations, one coat is enough.


Climate: subtropical, rainy season between June and September

Project: Near Hanoi, this beautiful villa made of Teak, Walnut and Oak was built. For optimal wood protection, Osmo UV-Schutz-Öl 410 Clear and Osmo Anti-Rutsch Terrassen-Öl 430 Clear were put to use.

Effect: Thanks to UV-Schutz-Öl, the wood keeps its lively colour and is guarded against greying. Anti-Rutsch Terrassen-Öl give the decking more grip, so slips and falls are greatly reduced especially on smooth wood surfaces.


Climate: warm and mild, lots of rain

Project: The world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma designed this city library in the Japanese city of Moriyama, which belongs to Shiga Prefecture. His designs can often be recognized by his use of the colour white – no surprise that he used Osmo Holzschutz Öl-Lasur 900 White for the timber cladding.

Effect:Holzschutz Öl-Lasur offers optimal protection against swelling caused by moisture. Green growth on wood surfaces is a typical side effect of being located in a warm wet region. The coating helps to guard against algae and fungal attack – thanks to the film protection.