Transparent is not the same as clear

There are terms that seems to be distinct and yet they leave room for interpretation. In wood coatings, this is the case with the difference between “clear” and “transparent”.

Clear coatings

If the product is not pigmented and the coated wood does not undergo an artificial change in colour, then it is considered to be a clear coating. This does not mean that the colour of the wood will not change – the ambering effect of wood coatings will intensify the colour. Decisive for the appearance is the sheen. A stain coating forms a light sheen on the surface – a matt coating, on the other hand, leaves the surface looking dull.


Transparent stains

After applying a transparent stain, the wood grain and texture is still visible; however, the colour is artificially changed through the pigments in the stain. Stains can be either oil-based or waterborne. In outdoor areas, transparent stains protect the wood against natural greying through UV radiation than clear coatings.

Osmo products are available as transparent coloured stains and clear coatings