Taboos in decking care

In decking care, there are some things to pay attention to. What is taboo we have complied in the list below. 

Rain and frost: A cold wet day is not a good time to clean and maintain your decking. In such weather, the cleaning products cannot achieve the desired effect, and oils will not be absorbed into wet wood.

Pressure washers: They blast away the top layer, and in turn, the durability of the wood suffers. Plus, the wood surface gets rougher, and as a result, splitters may end up in feet.

Household cleaners: Acids in these cleaners damage the wood structure. It becomes porous and loses resistance.

Toxic substances: To remove grey patina on decking, there are many products available that are often based on toxic substances. They not only harm the environment, but also your garden deck.

Taboos in decking care