Wood needs sun protection

UV radiation from the sun dissolves the lignin in wood, and rainwater washes it away. As a result, wood loses its natural colour – it greys. For a long time, coloured finishes were regarded as the only possibility to protect wood against sunlight. Back then, it was generally considered: the more pigments, the better the protection.

However, this is not what people want any longer. Understandably: if you have invested in beautiful, fine Oak windows, you do not necessarily want to coat them with a strongly pigmented wood stain and disguise the natural wood colour.

What is needed is a coating that offers reliable protection against moisture and greying, but also retains the original wood colour at the same time. With UV-Schutz-Öl and UV-Schutz-Öl Farbig , Osmo has exactly the right products for the job.


For the almost invisible protection of fine wood, Osmo has developed UV-Schutz-Öl Clear with a sun protection factor 12. UV-Schutz-Öl Farbig contains in addition to the UV blockers also colour pigments that strengthen the sun protection significantly. As a result, more time can pass until the next renovation.

The colour pigments are added sparingly and perfectly matched to the respective wood species: Oak for oak wood, Larch for larch wood, Cedar for cedar wood and so on. As a result, the surface finish is hardly noticeable. UV-Schutz-Öl is ideal for all vertical wood surfaces in outdoor areas.


Clear – shorter renovation intervals
2x with UV-Schutz-Öl 410 farblos or UV-Schutz-Öl Extra 420 farblos

Light staining – medium-length renovation intervals
1st coat witrh UV-Schutz-Öl Farbig
2nd coat with UV-Schutz-Öl 410 farblos or UV-Schutz-Öl Extra 420 farblos

Strong staining – longer renovation intervals
2x with UV-Schutz-Öl Farbig

UV-Schutz-Öl prolongs the intervals between renovations.