Pflegetipps außen – erste Pflege nach dem Winter – Vorbereitung der Frühlingsterrasse mit Osmo Hinweisen, Tipps und Anleitungen

Got everything ready for the outdoor season?

It’s going to happen soon: the days will get longer, temperatures will be rising and the garden deck starts beckoning you to relax in the great outdoors. No matter whether you are playing with the children in the spring sunlight, enjoying a morning cup of coffee or a romantic evening just for two: this time outside is always something special.

Get your timber decking fit for the outdoor season after its long winter’s sleep: rain, snow and the cold can leave significant signs of wear; nevertheless, after a little freshening up, the garden deck is once again optimally protected. What measures you should take depends on the condition of your timber decking. We will show you which Osmo products make decking care easy.

Natural decking care

Natural decking care – made easy.

Spring clean

If by closer inspection your decking is not showing any greying or ageing and only has a little dirt and grime on it, then it just needs a light cleaning. Green growth, in particular, should always be completely removed – that way, your garden deck looks as inviting as it did on its first day.

Our recommendation

> With Osmo Holzterrassen-Reiniger, clean all timber decking in outdoor areas thoroughly and effectively.

> Use Osmo Gard Clean to remove green growth on wood surfaces.

> To give your garden deck a protective coating, Osmo Terrassen-Öl is the optimal choice.


Natural decking care

Intensive cleaning

Does your garden deck have some years under its belt? If it has not been oiled regularly, a grey patina has probably developed on the whole surface. However, with the right treatment, you can restore its natural wood colour.

Our recommendation

> With Osmo Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel, wood surfaces regain their natural colour.

> Use Osmo Terrassen-Öl to give you garden deck a protective coating.



Natural decking care

Remove old coatings

If the decking is partially weathered and has spots, where the coating has worn away, then the old coating should be completely removed and a new coat should be applied. That way your garden deck has once again an attractive and uniformly coloured surface.

Our recommendation

> Osmo Anstrich-Entferner-Gel makes it easier to remove old wood stains and coatings effectively.

> After neutralizing the surface with Osmo Holz-Entgrauer Kraft-Gel, treat the decking with Osmo Terrassen-Öl in the suitable colour for the wood species.

Natural decking care

Terrassen-Öl: optimal protection for your garden deck

High-quality decking oils

Osmo Terrassen-Öl is specially formulated for the individual requirements of countless fine and softwoods. It protects and maintains timber decking, garden furniture and privacy screens. It is suitable for the transparent coloured treatment of Teak, Eucalyptus as well as fine woods and thermally modified timber.

Your benefits

> Terrassen-Öl smoothens the wood surface and makes it water and dirt repellent.

> Easy to refresh the coating, no sanding or priming needed.

> I litre covers approx. 24 m² with one coat.


Everything from one source

In the Osmo range, you will find everything you need for decking maintenance, care and upkeep – also brushes and other work materials. Our tip: you can rent the practical Osmo Terrassenreinigungsmaschine from your dealer and save time and costs.