The three forms of wood protection

For wood protection, keep the following rule of thumb in mind: constructional wood protection over physical and chemical wood protection.

Constructional wood protection

In outdoor areas, it is necessary to install wood so it stays as dry as possible or so it can dry off quickly. For these reasons, air should always be able to circulate behind timber cladding to prevent consistent dampness, for example caused by dew. Flooring in indoor areas has constructional wood protection, for example, by means of dirt-catching rugs and felt pads under furniture.

Physical wood protection

Examples of physical wood protection are our products with a high solids content like Osmo Landhausfarbe and Garten- und Fassadenfarbe, which ensure effective protection against UV radiation.

Chemical wood protection

When all the possibilities of constructional and physical wood protection have been utilized, biocidal active ingredients can be used in outdoor areas. For example, Osmo Holz-Imprägnierung WR helps to prevent rot, blue stain and insect attack. Please use biocides carefully. Before use, always read the label and product information.

Forms of wood protection