Slip resistance ratings

A good basis for more safety

The slip resistance of floor coverings is assessed by slip resistance ratings. The aim of these ratings is to ensure effective accident prevention in commercial and public interiors. The German standard DIN 51130 differentiates between five various ratings – from R9 to R13.

A few examples:

The rating R9 meets the lowest requirements for slip resistance and is used for normal floor coverings.

With a higher coefficient of friction, the rating R11 is, for example, suitable for shop entrances and exterior stairs or also for kitchens in nursery schools or student housing.

The rating R13 meets the highest requirements for slip resistance to guarantee sure footing on slope angles of up to 35 degrees.

Osmo offers different products, which can produce surfaces with a slip resistance rating of R9 or R11. Among these are Osmo Hartwachs-Öl Anti-Rutsch (3088), Pflege-Öl Anti-Rutsch (3098) as well as Hartwachs-Öl Anti-Rutsch Extra (3089).

Slip resistance ratings