Maintaining and re-oiling wooden floors

Sometimes life can leave marks, even on optimally maintained wooden flooring. No problem for an oiled wooden floor. After all, its protective surface can be renewed at any time, without needing to sand away the old finish. This is a huge adantage over lacquered wooden surfaces.

> Before the application, clean floors thoroughly with Osmo Intensiv-Reiniger.

> Manual applications: apply an extremely thin layer of Osmo Hartwachs-Öl with an Osmo Fußbodenstreichbürste or Mikrofaserrolle. Alternatively, an application with Osmo Pflege-Öl is also possible.

> Machine applications: Osmo FloorXcenter for intensive cleaning and applying a clear Osmo Polyx®-Oil. For difficult-to-reach edges and corners, use the Osmo Padhalter mit Gelenk.

The specialist takes over

You can re-oil your wooden flooring by yourself. But if you do not have the time to do it, do not wait too long to call a specialist. Raw wood should not lay open. Thanks to their wealth of experience, a specialist can complete the job quickly and reliably.

Re-oiling wooden floors