Design freedom – coloured flooring

Coloured flooring is really in style, and an end to this trend is not in sight. Here is an overview of various possible to colour your wooden flooring with Osmo products.

1. Staining floors with Hartwachs-Öl Farbig

Apply the first coat with Hartwachs-Öl Farbig – one product in seven different colours. Follow up with a top coat with a clear Hartwachs-Öl.

2. Staining floors with Dekorwachs

Normal staining
First apply one coat with Dekorwachs and top coat with a clear Hartwachs-Öl.

Subtle staining
Mix Dekorwachs and Hartwachs-Öl Original in a mixing ratio of 1:10, and apply the first coat with the mixture. The second coat is carried out with a clear Osmo Hartwachs-Öl.

Please note

  • Intense colour applications with Dekorwachs are not possible on flooring. A second coat is not recommended.
  • When staining floors with Dekorwachs 3111 White, 3186 White Matt or 3188 Snow, the top coat should be carried out with Hartwachs-Öl Farbig 3040 White.

3. Staining with Öl-Beize

For a transparent colour
Apply one coat of Öl-Beize with a trowel, roller or brush – depending on the tool used, various colour intensities can be achieved. After applying, buff the product into the surface with a white pad. Top coat with a clear Hartwachs-Öl. 

For an intense colour
Carry out two coats with Öl-Beize. Afterwards apply a top coat with a clear Hartwachs-Öl.