Protection and care for kitchen worktops

Guaranteed food safe: 100 per cent flavour, 0 per cent toxic

Specifically for wood with direct contact to food, TopOil from Osmo was developed. That makes it the ideal protection for wooden worktops in the kitchen, chopping boards made of wood and the dining room table. The coating guards wood against wear, dirt and stains, for example from cola, coffee or wine; water just simply beads up.

When dry, TopOil is completely safe for the whole family. This is confirmed by the certification according to the Euro Norm 1186, Part 5/14. This means that in direct contact with food, all TopOil surfaces will not release any substances that will alter the flavour, smell or look of food or that are bad for your health.

How to apply Osmo TopOil:

  • With Osmo Flächenstreicher or Mikrofaserrolle, apply TopOil thinly and evenly. Always work with the wood grain. For an especially beautiful furniture surface, we recommend using Osmo Hand-Padhalter with the Öl-Farben Auftrags-Vlies.
  • Leave the coating to dry for about 8 to 10 hours. Ventilate well when drying.
  • Repeat the application 2 or 3 times with the Öl-Farben Auftrags-Vlies or a lint-free cloth.
  • When renovating the surface, one coat is enough.

Gentle cleaning for TopOil surfaces
Surfaces treated with Osmo TopOil can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. However, we recommend leaving conventional cleaners in the cabinet as these dissolve oils and waxes and so wood protection can no longer be guaranteed. Better performance is delivered with Osmo Spray Cleaner because the protective oil layer will not be harmed.

Protection and care for kitchen worktops