Wooden flooring for generations to come

Floor care and protection for a healthy interior

No other material exuberates quite a warm, cosy and natural aura like real wood. To preserve the unique charm of your valuable wooden flooring, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Our biocide-free products, which are perfectly integrated in one system, make floor upkeep for a healthy living child’s play. Osmo offers you everything you need, including the appropriate tools, to clean, refresh and protect wood surfaces for a fantastic-looking floor that will outlast your lifetime – also that of your children and your grandchildren.

How to preserve the beauty of your flooring

Wooden flooring is nice to look at and gives a home a long-lasting cosy and healthy foundation. Especially when it has been treated with Osmo Hartwachs-Öl. And then, your wooden flooring will be a real pleasure for many years to come that can be enjoyed each and every day. Of course, depending on the wood surface, a little more or a little less care is needed. The high-quality products and sets from Osmo are easy-to-use tools to provide this necessary care.

Floor care for different degrees of wear

Loose dirt and debris

Every day so that everything stays clean

Oiled wooden flooring provides a pleasant warmth underfoot and is hard-wearing as well as dirt repellent. It will not develop an electrostatic charge, so dust, lint and animal hair can be quickly and quietly removed with the green Dust-Mop from Osmo. This mop is part of our Fußboden-Reinigungssets, which also includes the Micro-Mop Plush and Active Fibre Cloth.

Practical for all four cleaning and care steps:

> Fußboden-Reinigungsset

System Teleskopstiel

Damp mopping

1 x per week or as needed

How often your wooden flooring has to be mopped depends on the demands placed on it. Normally once a week is enough. Everyday dirt and grime are easily removed with the white Micro-Mop Plush and a dash of Osmo Wisch-Fix in mop water. The natural oils in the cleaning concentrate prevent flooring from drying out.

Suitable Osmo products:

> Wisch-Fix

Stain removal

1x per month or as needed

It happens so fast, but thankfully it is also just as quickly a thing of the past: stains on wooden flooring, for example from grease, sun blockers or shoe polish, can be removed with Osmo Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel. It is also available in a practical spray. For a thorough cleaning before the stain removal, use Osmo Intensiv-Reiniger.

Suitable Osmo products:

> Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel

> Intensiv-Reiniger

Dull floors

1x per year or as needed

Sometimes life leaves marks, even on optimally maintained wooden flooring. If after some time the protective surface starts looking worn and used, it can be renewed at any time. Plus, there is no need to sand down the entire floor. If the floor looks dull and matt, use Osmo Pflege-Öl. If part of the raw wood surface is exposed, apply a new coat of Osmo Hartwachs-Öl.

Suitable Osmo products:

> Pflege-Öl



> Fußboden-Rollset


One set for all eventualities!

To help you get your bearings with floor care with Osmo, we have put together the most important care products in an all-round carefree package: the Osmo Fußboden-Pflegeset is ideal for the cleaning and care of wooden flooring, which have been treated with Hartwachs-Öl. That way you have less work with your flooring and more time to enjoy it!

Show creativity!

What creative projects have you carried out with Osmo products? Have you created a raw wood look on your solid wood flooring? Crafted a games table with the kids? Or make the wood grain in your wardrobe stand out with the two-tone technique? Built a herb shelf for your kitchen? Share your projects with us! Take some pictures and post them on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #madewithosmo. We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas. Happy Posting!