Wooden flooring treated with Osmo Öl-Beize 3518 Light Grey in a modern living room

Preserve wood and add colour

Do you have a solid wood floor that could do with a fresher look? Here we will show you how to give your wooden flooring a fresh colour coat with little effor thanks to Osmo Öl-Beize - everything you need you can get from Osmo. Let's get to it!

Materials and tools


To bring out your individual style and taste professionally, wooden floor can be colour-coated with Öl-Beize. This coating comes in a wide colour spectrum - from classic brown colours to trendy greys.

Thanks to its plant-based ingredients, Öl-Beize produces a harmonious and seamless colour without visible transitions. The oil penetrates especially deeply into the wood, thus enabling an optimal staining.

Öl-Beize is easy to apply and economical: 1 litre covers up to 48 m².

Osmo Öl-Beize for your solid wood flooring in the living room: simple application and individual staining for a new look


The classic among Osmo coating systems, Hartwachs-Öl Original, protects the colour pigments in the staining against abrasion so that the flooring stays in perfect shape. 

This wood coating is based on natural oils and waxes and provides a low-maintenance surface that supports a healthy home. The oil penetrates the wood protecting it from the inside, while the wax forms a durable, elastic and abrasion-resistant protection on the wood surface. With this treatment, wood can absorb and release moisture, and the coating will not crack, flake or peel.

After the final treatment with Hartwachs-Öl Original, the wooden floor is hard-wearing, water and dirt repellent and extremely durable.

Osmo Hartwachs-Öl Original protects the colour pigment against wear and abrasion.


Osmo tools are optimally suited to oil and wax-based coating systems and facilitate renovation projects greatly. Larger machines like Osmo FloorXcenter can be hired at a specialist merchant.

In our step-by-step instruction, the following tools are used:

Hand Padhalter

Osmo tools and accessories were developed specifically for oil and wax-based coating and finishes.


Öl-Beize colour range

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