Red colours for autumn - Mix Osmo Dekorwachs colours by yourself

All of my furniture is red, red, red…

Bring pure life energy home with Osmo Dekorwachs

Red is the colour of love, passion, fire and danger. No other colour possesses such presence or such emotional power like red. No other is so lively. Do you love red? Looking to feel this untamed energy around you? Then get brushing!


Red seeks attention. It is a bold colour. It is for self-confident people with their own opinion. Think of an area of your life you would like to add some red to: add your favourite shade of red to the living room table or the bedroom sideboard and put it in the spotlight.

Medium red - colour mixture with Dekorwachs from Osmo


Osmo Dekorwachs 3104 Red bundles all the power of the colour. But of course, all of our colours can be mixed with each other. Add some white to the red and you get a light-hearted and dreamy, sensitive colour. Red with a little blue gets a flirtatious, self-confident touch. Deep and exquisite, red with a dab of black creates elegant cosiness. A trace of green or yellow give red warmth, so that it energizes and puts you in a positive mood.

Light red - mix it yourself with Osmo Dekorwachs


Osmo Dekorwachs is not only flexible in colour design, but it is also easy to apply and safe. The coating is suitable for wood, breathable and forms an abrasion-resistant and dirt-repellent protective surface on floors, wall panelling, mouldings and beams, doors, furniture and children's toys. It is resistant to household chemicals and fast to both saliva and perspiration. Your own personal red.

Dark red - mix it by yourself with Osmo Dekorwachs

Have the colour of your choice mixed to order:

Starting from 2.5 litres, we create every conceivable colour for you. Of course, also colours outside of the red spectrum.

Osmo Dekorwachs in RAL colours

Colour mixtures

Show creativity!

What creative projects have you carried out with Osmo products? Have you created a raw wood look on your solid wood flooring? Crafted a games table with the kids? Or make the wood grain in your wardrobe stand out with the two-tone technique? Built a herb shelf for your kitchen? Share your projects with us! Take some pictures and post them on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #madewithosmo. We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas. Happy Posting!


Share your Osmo projects with us! #madewithosmo

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