Osmo Sichtblende Alu-Fence Cube - schönes Design und optimaler Sichtschutz

Alu-Fence Cube

The Alu-Fence Cube is the ideal choice for a privacy screen that not only guarantees absolute privacy, but also impresses with its particularly attractive appearance. Thanks to the simple installation, in which individual profiles are inserted effortlessly into the post groove, you save time and effort. The uncomplicated surface care minimises maintenance requirements. The contemporary aesthetics of the Alu-Fence Cube make it the ideal solution for privacy and stylish design in your garden.

  • Aluminium White, Anthracite Grey or Grey
  • Height and width can be determined individually.
  • Transport-friendly packaging
  • Same look on front and back
  • Base element: eleven 19 x 162 mm profiles, one 19 x 41 mm profile, one 19 x 51 mm profile and element fixings
  • Individual parts of basic element in a uniform colour
  • Single and double gates available on request

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Alu-Fence Cube



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Alu-Fence Cube

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Alu-Fence Cube

Aluminium as a work material is used optimally where a long product lifetime is necessary. Even in its purest form, aluminium lasts a long time in outdoor areas. Through anodizing or powder coating, this light weight metal attains a durable, protective layer. It can be pressed into any profile imaginable. After use, aluminium can be recycled with a relatively low cost and effort.

Alu-Fence Cube

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