Alu-Fence Fordal vereint Funktion und Ästhetik in einem und erschafft so einen Garten der Ruhe

Alu-Fence Forsdal

Alu-Fence Forsdal not only offers a modern look for your garden, but also creates a quieter environment that enhances your well-being. With its remarkable sound reduction, this sound and privacy fence ensures that disturbing noises from outside stay outside. Whether you want to relax, work or simply enjoy nature: With this soundproof fence, you can relax undisturbed and enjoy your private oasis to the full. Alu-Fence Forsdal combines function and aesthetics and thus contributes to improving your quality of life.

  • Aluminium Anthracite Grey
  • Sound reduction of 29 dB according to DIN EN 1793-2 and ZTV-Lsw 22
  • Fulfils all requirements for the sound insulation requirements for railroad lines (Rili 804.5501 2023).
  • Sound absorption of 6 dB according to DIN 1793-1
  • For one element, you need: 6 x sound protection elemtent, 3 x H-shaped framing profile, 1 x end profile, 3 x H-shaped connecting profile, 1 x element fixings

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Alu-Fence Forsdal

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Alu-Fence Forsdal

Aluminium as a work material is used optimally where a long product lifetime is necessary. Even in its purest form, aluminium lasts a long time in outdoor areas. Through anodizing or powder coating, this light weight metal attains a durable, protective layer. It can be pressed into any profile imaginable. After use, aluminium can be recycled with a relatively low cost and effort.

Alu-Fence Forsdal

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