Alu-Cladding Cono profile

Aluminium can stand up against wind and rain. The angled profiles overlapping each other are characteristic for the look of this privacy screen and offer complete privacy because Alu-Cladding Cono is absolutely closed. Or do you want to cover your carport? Also a dividing wall, e.g. for rubbish bins or bicycle stands, can be created with these profiles.

  • Aluminium White, Anthracite Grey or Larch
  • Height can be determined individually, depending on use
  • Profiles can be shortened or extended endlessly with side connectors
  • Uniform look achieved by mounting profiles in front of posts
  • Versatile in use, for example for hiding rubbish bins, as carport cladding, privacy fencing etc.
  • Maximum possible span of profiles 3.00 m by using a support profile
  • Assembly possible with the aluminium post type B, type D or on wooden structures

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Alu-Cladding Cono

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Alu-Cladding Cono

Aluminium as a work material is used optimally where a long product lifetime is necessary. Even in its purest form, aluminium lasts a long time in outdoor areas. Through anodizing or powder coating, this light weight metal attains a durable, protective layer. It can be pressed into any profile imaginable. After use, aluminium can be recycled with a relatively low cost and effort.

Alu-Cladding Cono

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