Viking Feeling on Lake Chiemsee

Osmo wood finishes make the original Wickie the Viking ship seaworthy

Stories about the village of Flake and its inhabitants, especially the clever Viking boy Wickie, have enthralled children as well as adults for decades. When it is time for a long voyage, the Norsemen climb in their dragon ships and hoist the sails.  Anyone wanting to know what this feels like can experience it for themselves on Lake Chiemsee. There the original ship Freya from the film “Wickie auf großer Fahrt” is anchored awaiting seafaring adventurers. To keep it seaworthy, the wooden ship was treated through and through with various Osmo products.

From film prop to family amusement

During the filming, the Freya sailed over the Bavarian forest lake and afterwards it was put on display in a Viking exhibition in Rosenheim. But in 2017, its time in the dry docks came to an end: the Viking ship was thoroughly overhauled and made ready for voyages on Lake Chiemsee. Per trip, up to 20 people can test their sea legs on the dragon ship. A round of rowing completes the whole experience, even if the ship does have an engine of its own.

Protected from bottom up

The challenges of protecting a wooden ship constantly in water are enormous. Therefore for the treatment of the wood, various Osmo finishes from were used, which offer excellent value both in terms of appearance and quality.

The shipbuilders primed the hull of the film ship with large quantities of Osmo Holz-Imprägnierung WR, which is a strong water repellent and prevents swelling and shrinkage of wood. In the next step, the interior hull sides received a suitable protection and care treatment: for this Osmo Holzschutz Öl-Lasur 903 Basalt Grey and 905 Patina were used. While coating, the products were mixed with each other to create the true likeness of an ancient ship. As the third Osmo product, Osmo Terrassen-Öl 007 Teak was applied. Terrassen-Öl smoothenes the wood surfaces of the rowing benches on the top deck and made them water and dirt repellent. The all-round protection against wind and weather safeguarded the attractive appearance for many months “at high sea”, during which the impregnation protected the hull against any water damage.