Torii and fence of a Shinto temple complex in Japan finished with Osmo Landhausfarbe Japan Red

Bright red

Osmo Landhausfarbe for sacred sites in Japan

They shine so brightly red that even the spirits cannot overlook them: torii, wooden entrance gates to religious sites in Japan. These gates mark, according to Shinto beliefs, the original religion in Japan, the boundary between the scared and the profane. Also on pagodas with their artfully stacked dragons really catch one’s eye thanks to this especially noticeable colour tone.

“Japan Red” as it is sometimes known. What many tourists taking pictures of these “Japan Red” pagodas and torii do not know is: this wood finish is manufactured in Germany. Since 2012 Osmo has supplied Japan’s Shinto sacred sites with Landhausfarbe in this special colour tone. The exact colour tone was approved by experts – as each pagoda should shine in exactly the same benevolent red.

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