Luxury in the middle of jagged mountains

Grand Hotel Kempinski adorned with Osmo wood finishes

The Grand Hotel Kempinski, which lies directly at shores of the lake Štrbské pleso, was built in a period of 30 years (1893-1923). The cladding of the villa is decorated with many paintings and woodcarvings, and in the past it was a popular holiday destination for several aristocrats: members of the house of Habsburg and Coburg, the Serbian king Milan and many others were among the guests.

All coloured wooden elements face strong fluctuations in weather conditions in the High Tatras: summers are relatively cool; there is a lot of precipitation and winters are long (six months) and especially full of snow. So the coating has to withstand a lot of wear and tear and is heavily strained. Before the renovation, the wooden elements were protected by a water-based wood finish. However, this could not withstand the extreme weather conditions for long. The finish blistered and flaked. So the wood was not only left completely unprotected against weathering, but also the cracked finish was not a pleasant sight for guests.

For the renovations, a very hard-wearing and extremely durable wood finish was therefore sought. Osmo wood finishes are based on natural oils and waxes. They protect the wood form the inside out, do not form a film, can be partially renovated and do not crack, blister, peel or flake. It seemed like Using Osmo products in the upcoming renovations was therefore strongly suggested.

As an additional wood protection, Holz-Imprägnierung WR was applied to all wooden surfaces. This primer prevents animal and plant pests, reduces swelling and shrinkage and acts preventively against rot, blue stain and insects. As a top coat, Osmo Landhausfarbe was selected. The finish offers unsurpassed durability and is resistant to saliva and perspiration when dry. Thus for the renovations in 2013, Landhausfarbe White (2101) and Signal Red (2311) were used.

Since the renovation works, the cladding, balconies and fencing of the hotel shine in a new light and the wood is optimally protected against the climatic influences in the High Tatras. Snow, rain and sun can hardly affect the wood now.