Perfect window dressings for a farmhouse

Add colour with Osmo Garten- & Fassadenfarbe: historic farmhouse gets new window shutters.

Colourful wind and weather protection for wood surfaces: after thorough research and receiving expert advice, the choice was made for new Garten- & Fassadenfarbe from Osmo. This opaque wood finish is extremely weatherproof and UV-stable, and was especially developed for the requirements of exterior wood. It is also breathable, low in solvents, free of biocides and water repellent.

The application can be carried out as needed, by spraying or with a Flat Brush or a Microfibre Roller. For the window shutters, however, the first thing to do was to protect the raw wood against rot, blue stain and insect attack. For optimal protection, they were treated with Holz-Imprägnierung WR from Osmo, which is an ideal base coat for oil-based wood stains and finishes. Then Osmo Garten- & Fassadenfarbe in Pine Green was applied. This new addition to the Osmo range will not crack, peel or flake, and treated wood surfaces exhibit a low susceptibility to dirt. The result: easy-to-care wood surfaces with a long-lasting, beautiful appearance.

"The investment in new wooden shutters and their coloured treatment has paid off, and we are pleased that the farmhouse will have a beautiful and uniform frontage for a long time," said Anne Worms. Strong sunlight, wind and rain: a house exterior is exposed to the weather 365 days a year. This means that wooden elements must be able to withstand a lot of wear. Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG has high-quality coating systems for outdoor use that provide reliable protection as well as impress with their resulting appearance. With new Osmo Garten- & Fassadenfarbe, the wood coating manufacturer offers a product with excellent properties. The colour treatment of new wooden window shutters for a historic farmhouse is one of impressive example.

The mission: to preserve and to restore

The historic farm Vierkanthof, built in 1851, is located in Rhineland and is still in family hands today. The front of the building has ten windows on the main building. The previous shutters had been repainted several times, but the many decades of use had left massive amounts of wear and tear behind. Due to this, the owners decided to replace the shutters. During the renovation works, it was decided to fit also out the front windows of the side wing with shutters in order to create a uniform appearance. A total of 28 shutters were made from Larch. Since both the main farm gate and all other gates or doors at the farm are painted in the classic dark green, the new shops should be designed to match. “Important to us was a surface treatment that was effective and matched in colour”, says Anne Worms, who together with her two brothers inherited the property and lives on the farm. "We know from experience that the wooden shutters face a lot of wear - the front of the farmhouse is on the south side; here the sun exposure is intense."

Vierkanthof - Germany