Pure relaxation

Many dream of having their own get-away house in the great outdoors. Quickly pack up family and friends and have a great time in a lovely secluded spot. Here you simply go out, enjoy the outdoors and take a break from everyday life. In Finland, the constructor Kontiotuote Oy made this dream reality for one customer and built a wonderful weekend get-away lakeside cottage, which is treated both inside and outside with Osmo finishes.


Wood as a charismatic and long-lasting material with a relaxing character must not be missing here and therefore it was decided that the frontage, interior walls and flooring should be made of the natural material.

When it came to the question of how to provide the wood with lasting protection, the client chose the high-quality coating from Osmo.

To protect the frontage against wind, weather and pests, first Holz-Imprägnierung WR was applied to all exterior wood. This impregnation guards against animal and plant wood pests and reduces swelling and shrinkage and acts a precautionary measure against rot, blue stain and insects.

As a top coat, Osmo Holzschuz Öl-Lasur Effekt 1143 Onyx-Silver was selected. It gives the house frontage an attractive silver metallic nuance and makes this water-repellent as well as weatherproof and UV-stable.

Weekend get-away house finished with Osmo coatings

Inside, the walls, ceiling and flooring were also coated with Osmo products. The client decided on Dekorwachs to treat these surfaces because it forms a water and stain-resistant surface and is after drying resistant to saliva and perspiration. Thus all inhibitants no matter whether big or small feel good in the low-maintenance and healthy wood interior. 

The walls of the holiday home were finished in a whitish Dekorwachs colour tone. The bright colour tone adds a pleasing brightness to the rooms and makes them seem even larger.

Light-coloured wall panelling and wooden flooring in a weekend get-away house finished with Osmo

The blue and beige accessories, such as scatter cushions, create a great contrast and give the room a cosy feeling. For the flooring and ceiling, the client chose Dekorwachs in the colour Pebble, which rounds off the total appearance.

So that the flooring, on which lots of action takes place, stays durable and keeps the chosen colour for a long time, it was top coated with the tried and trusted Hartwachs-Öl Original Clear Satin.

Now the surface is hard-wearing, water and dirt-resistant and extremely tough.

The blue accents form a contrast to the white wall panelling finished with Osmo


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