Norwegian colour magic

Thanks to Osmo Dekorwachs in an elegant grey, the log cabin interior from Oj! Design has the right atmosphere.

There are many log cabins in Norway. But only a few are designed with as much love and passion for wood and detail as the impressive architectural masterpieces by the Norwegian design studio Oj! Design & Interior. For their design, Osmo, in collaboration with Oj!, has mixed a bespoke colour from various Dekorwachs shades.


Characteristic wood ensures a pleasant indoor climate throughout the house all year round. Ceilings and walls were treated with Osmo Dekorwachs in a colour shade developed specifically for the project.

No matter whether brightly coloured, natural wood or soft pastel colours - Osmo Dekorwachs has been the versatile classic for interiors for over 20 years. Thanks to its combination of natural oils and waxes, it is also suitable for children's toys.


The bespoke colour for the Oj! Design project radiates warmth and, at the same time, harmonizes with a grey colour palette. This makes it a perfect match for the fascinating landscapes of Scandinavia, which are characterized by diversity and raw naturalness.

In Norway, warm earthy colours often contrast with the clear blue of the fjords, the grey of the mountains and the typically brightly coated houses. This characteristic colour combination alone already signals which country we are in.



Dekorwachs colour shades

Suitable for Scandi home design

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