Christmas wonderland at Lake Constance

At the traditional Christmas market in Constance, Osmo Landhausfarbe provides the festive colours and optimal wood protection.

During the season of Advent, the city centre of Constance turns into a Christmas wonderland. The Lakeshore Christmas Market is filled with the delicious smells of freshly roasted almonds, spicy mulled wine and sweet gingerbread. A balanced and varied selection of food, treats and drinks is on offer - from various meats and sausages, dumplings, Swiss fondue and cheese spaetzle to sweet crêpes, warm pyramid cake, roasted almonds and homemade gingerbread, as well as mulled wines and homemade winter punch.

At numerous stalls, local artisans invite you to peruse their unique artfully handmade items for the perfect gift. At the festively decorated market, you can stroll from one favourite spot to the next leisurely enjoying the enchanting atmosphere with individually designed and lovingly decorated huts and thousands of lights along the lakeshore.

At the Lakeshore Christmas Market, the colourful exteriors and optimal wood protection of the huts is provided by the coating with Osmo Landhausfarbe. Thanks to this surface treatment, the wood can withstand wind, rain and snow, and shine in a multitude of colours. This opaque wood finish is available in 19 different shades, which can be mixed with each other to produce individual colour creations. At the Christmas market along the shores of Lake Constance, Landhausfarbe 2404 Fir Green, 2308 Nordic Red, 2205 Sunflower Yellow, 2507 Dove Blue and 2101 White were used.

Osmo Landhausfarbe is the first choice for exterior wood not only because of its colour variety and weather resistance, but also because of its easy application. Two thin coats are applied to the raw wood with an Osmo Flächenstreicher brush or an Osmo Mikrofaserrolle roller. Between coats, the product should be left to dry for approx. 10-12 hours with good ventilation. When it is time to renovate the huts at the Christmas market, the cleaned as well as dry wood surface needs only one coat and then the next Advent season can come.

Photos © unik design / Weihnachtsmarkt am See GbR


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