New materials

NEW CONNECTIONS. TRUSTED EXPERIENCE. Osmo has lived wood and finishes for over 140 years. But due to the change of times and taste, we are constantly expanding our product range to include other innovative products and materials.


Bamboo is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and fastest renewing raw materials in the world. It is light and flexible, but extremely hard-wearing. In Asia bamboo has been valued for its excellent properties for centuries. In combination with high tech polymers and additives, bamboo becomes a modern and versatile work material. Multi-Deck and Multi-Fence consist of up to 60 % bamboo and are therefore weatherproof, resistant to mould, waterproof and easy-to-maintain.

  • Osmo BPC Privacy Screens
  • Osmo BPC Decking


HPL (high pressure laminate) boards are made from several layers of paper that have been soaked in melamine and phenol resins and pressed together under high heat and pressure. The boards are particularly easy to maintain due to their closes, pore-free surface. They exhibit high scratch and impact resistance.

  • Osmo HPL Privacy Screens


Aluminium as a work material is used optimally where a long product lifetime is necessary. Even in its purest form, aluminium lasts a long time in outdoor areas. Through anodizing or powder coating, this light weight metal attains a durable, protective layer. It can be pressed into any profile imaginable. After use, aluminium can be recycled with a relatively low cost and effort.

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