New materials

NEW CONNECTIONS. TRUSTED EXPERIENCE. Osmo has lived wood and finishes for over 140 years. But due to the change of times and taste, we are constantly expanding our product range to include other innovative products and materials.



Bamboo is characterized not only by its fast growth and its excellent eco-balance, but it also impresses from a technical perspective. This grass is as hard as steel, light-weight, flexible, stable, robust, water-repellent, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

By adding high-tech polymers, the sustainable work material bamboo polymer composite (BPC) is created. This material consists of up to 60 per cent the fast-growing raw material bamboo.

Compared to composites made of wood fibres and polymers, BPC has many advantages; in particular in outdoor areas can these benefits be seen. Since bamboo cells absorb hardly any water, BPC profiles swell and shrink less than wood and thus it achieves a dimensional stability that is appreciated for many applications.

In addition, the composite material is characterized by a smooth and even appearance. It is extremely hard and resistant to mould, fungal and pest attacks; BPC can withstand many years without any signs of wear. BPC decking has a pleasant feel, it will not leak resin and will not splinter; therefore, it is well-suited as barefoot decking.

Multi-Fence screens made of BPC

Multi-Deck made of BPC



One work material that is often put to use in outdoor areas is aluminium. The material is optimally used where a long lifetime is necessary. Even in its pure form, aluminium lasts a long time in outdoor areas and impresses with its enormous weather resistance – sunlight, frost and rain will not leave any lasting signs of wear or damage. Through anodizing or powder coating, the light metal develops a protective and hard-wearing surface.

Plus, it is extremely robust, yet due to its low weight, it is easy to transport and to process. It can be pressed into any conceivable profile through extrusion processing. After use, aluminium can be recycled with comparatively little effort or expense.

Osmo Holz und Color - Sichtblenden - Alu-Fence

Aluminium privacy screens



Individually designed garden terraces are on-trend. In particular, contrasting combinations with different materials offer completely new possibilities. Osmo CEWO-Deck makes the combination of timber decking and ceramic slabs in one garden terrace possible, for example decking under the lounge chairs and ceramic slabs for the outdoor kitchen.

High-quality CEWO-Deck ceramic slabs are made of dyed stoneware and are produced entirely in Germany. They are UV-stable and frost-resistant, resistant to rock salt and acids as well as furnished with a non-slip surface (R11 / B). The high weight-bearing capacity of the slabs (575 kg per 80 cm when laid) protects against breakage. Assembly on support pedestals or aluminium sub-constructions is simple and possible in combination with Osmo Garapa, Ipe, Thermo Ash, pressured impregnated Pine green, Bangkirai or Cumaru decking.

A long lifetime for the garden terrace is ensured with the clever and robust Cewo-Deck aluminium sub-construction. If at some time the terrace covering should be replaced or rearranged, the sub-construction can be used over and over again.

Cewo-Deck example combinations