Privacy Screen Green-Fence

Plants and herbs enrich every garden and balcony. But often there is simply not enough space. Green-Fence offers you the possibility to combine privacy with greenery and plants. Turn your privacy screens into a highlight by integrating individual plant boxes into them. Or set up complete elements made of plant boxes – standing alone or inserted into your fencing. Two different plant box lengths and three post lengths form the basis for your personalized plant and herb privacy screen. Your garden or balcony will become a place to enjoy.


  • Anodized aluminium or Anthracite

  • Healthy posture for planting and gardening

  • Faster plant and herb growth

  • Targeted watering

  • Spacing, depending on space requirements, and number of plant boxes can be chosen freely.

  • Drainage holes protect against waterlogging.

  • Weed barrier recommended

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