Privacy Screen Flex-Fence

Every garden is just as individual as its owner. With the Flex-Fence system, you can choose what your garden looks like. We give you the suitable frames and you decide on what kind of material to fill your privacy screens.

  • Assembly kit: two start/end framing profiles, one set of start/end profiles, seven single profiles and element fixings
  • Creativ assembly kit: two start /end profiles, a set consisting of start and end profiles, six single profiles, one glass Creativ-Slat and element fixings
  • Start and end profiles made of aluminium for 19 mm thick profiles of your choice
  • Filler profiles can be installed both horizontally or vertically.
  • H-shaped profiles made of aluminium for dividing up your privacy screen horizontally or vertically, or for connecting various materials and profiles

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Sample Variations

Individual designs

  • You always need per privacy screen two aluminium start/end framing profiles and element fixings. With the aluminium H-shaped profile, you can break up your privacy screen both vertically and horizontally and combine various materials and profiles with each other.
  • Regardless whether timber, aluminium or BPC: you select your own personal profile of choice for the filling. All materials and profiles with a material thickness of 19 mm is conceivable.
  • The width and height of the filling must amount to 183 x 183 cm.

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