Multi-Deck Co-Extrusion Profiles

To combine the advantages of BPC decking and a wood-like surface, two specialized plastics in different colours are applied to the surface of this BPC decking. In this process, interesting wood textures are embossed into the surface, which create a similar look to real wood boards. Thanks to the two-tone colouring, Multi-Deck Co-Extrusion profiles have a more lively appearance.


  • Bamboo Polymer Composite
  • Specialized plastic coating that reduces swelling in length
  • 60% bamboo and 40% polymers and additives
  • Less swelling in length
  • Only one side can be used.
  • Colour naunces in the profiles are desired and emphasize a natural look.

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For our Multi-Deck BPC decking with co-extrusion profiles, you can choose from various colours and surfaces.


Hollow Profiles

Smooth surfaces are currently in fashion. So those distrubing screw heads do not stand in the way of the calming appearance, Osmo has the right solution:

  • Decking clipper for softwoods
  • TeNi Clip/ SenoFix for Thermo Ash
  • Specialized fixing system for Multi-Deck 
Hollow Profiles

The lifetime of a deck depends significantly on the correct installation and whether it is suitable for wood. With accessories from Osmo, you are always on the safe side. All accessories are perfectly geared to each other so that your new decking seems to install itself.

BPC Decking Accessories

Hollow Profiles

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