Solid Wood Flooring Spruce

Spruce is an important European wood species. This lightly coloured knotty wood is used extensively in interior design and is always in style.


  • T&G on all sides
  • Light bevel on all sides
  • Wood moisture content approx. 8-12 %
  • Brinell hardness: 12 N / mm²
  • Surface density: 0.46 g / cm³
  • Hardness class 1
  • Certification: PEFC

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Technical information



Osmo solid wood flooring can be installed with screws, adhesive or Elastilon® adhesive mats.

Approved installation types for each wood species and dimensions can be found here: Technical documentation solid wood flooring (German)

Information on the correct installation, sub-construction requirements as well as necessary accessories can be found here: Installation instructions solid wood flooring (German)


Cleaning after installation
Flooring treated with Osmo Hartwachs-Öl is ready for use. After installation, please remove any loose dust or dirt (broom or vacuum cleaner). If the flooring has more dirt and deposits on it, it can be wiped clean with a damp (not wet!) cloth without any problems. (Add Osmo Wisch-Fix to mop water to prevent limescale.) Dry the flooring with a cloth immediately. Remove any scratches and tough stains with Osmo Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel.

Initial care
After the initial cleaning, Osmo Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel can be applied to the clean and dry flooring thinly. Follow the directions for use on the product label. (1 can is sufficient for at least 100 square metres when used correctly = two teaspoons for approx. 1 square metre)

Routine cleaning and care in private households
For normal cleaning, a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner suffices. For dirt and grime, flooring can be cleaned with water and Osmo Wisch-Fix, and a damp mop (not wet!). Dry immediately to prevent moisture from entering joints. Especially tough stains are removed with Osmo Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel. From time to time, the floor surface – in particular, on high traffic and frequently cleaned areas – should be refreshed with Osmo Wachspflege- und Reinigungsmittel. (Just apply a thin layer, leave to dry and buff.)

If a surface renovation is necessary, recoat the cleaned surface with Osmo Pflege-Öl or Osmo Hartwachs-Öl. Normally one coat is sufficient. Practical partial renovations are also possible. Please observe the directions for use for each cleaning and care product.

Commercial interiors (offices, shops, restaurants)
For commercial use, please request our detailed maintenance instructions for Osmo Hartwachs-Öl surfaces in commercial interiors.

Booklet Flooring Cleaning and Care (German)