Osmo on tour

Rustikab camper vans rely on healthy coatings from Osmo for long-lasting protection in any climate

Out on your very own exploring the world in a camper van – for many globetrotters, this is the epitome of a perfect holiday. Here unforgettable experiences await, from which energy can be taken to get through the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For exactly these reasons, Horst Fischer and his small team of enthusiastic craftspeople have made it their task to build and equip vehicles and camper vans with a good portion of passion, experience and creativity. To provide long-lasting protection for wood surfaces and wooden furniture used in the interior of Rustikab camper vans, Fischer counts on the healthy and durable coating systems from Osmo.


What requirements a camper van must fulfil and what challenges it must face, Fischer knows this all too well; after all, he and his wife Karin are passionate world travellers who have trekked through many continents in their own four wheels. The vehicle cabins are made of white vehicle construction panels and suitable profiles for vehicle construction; they are available either empty for do-it-yourself interior construction or fully equipped.


In interior construction, Osmo Hartwachs-Öl and Osmo Dekorwachs impress all along the line. Both coatings are based on natural oils and waxes and are free of any allergy-causing ingredients such as aromatic compounds, biocides and preservatives. After all, not only in private households but also in the mobile “home away from home”, is a healthy interior an important factor, which both Fischer and his customers value greatly.

The second central aspect that predestines Osmo coatings for the use in a camper van is their ability to help regulate indoor climate. Due to the at times higher humidity, bad air circulation and other similar circumstances, it is normally difficult to work with wood in caravans and camper vans. However, Rustikab camper vans are able to reliably withstand any climate zone on the planet because Osmo coatings provide wood with a breathable microporous surface, so that it can still absorb and release moisture.

Even on specially modified Accoya wood or Organoid surfaces, which are produced by pressing natural materials into a carrier, Osmo Hartwachs-Öl can be used without any problems – this was one of the reasons why Horst Fische became aware of Osmo coatings in the first place. Just how reliable the application is was proved, when Horst and Karin Fischer subjected the surfaces to various “practical tests” on their numerous journeys – from the wet tropical environment of South America and the frosty temperatures in Scandinavia to the dry heat of North Africa and Central Asia.


All wood surfaces in Rustikab camper vans are given hard-wearing surface protection with Osmo Hartwachs-Öl, which since its development over 30 years ago has established itself as a true classic in the widely diversified Osmo range. Apart from the moisture-regulating and healthy properties of Osmo Hartwachs-Öl, the Rustikab team and their customers were particularly impressed by the easy cleaning and surface resistance to wine, coffee and cola.

Whereas traditional oil-based coatings only protect from inside and lacquer-based variations merely from outside, Osmo Hartwachs-Öl penetrates deeply forming a microporous surface and making the natural wood grain stand out. Thanks to the good surface resistance to liquids, it can be used in shower areas in Rustikab camper vans and gives the barefoot-friendly real-wood shower tiles an extra-long life. With four sheen options as well as a total of seven coloured variants and three effect colours, Osmo Hartwachs-Öl offers a lot of creative freedom, thanks to which Fischer and his 100% handmade camper cabins can fulfil even the most individual customer wishes.

With Osmo Dekorwachs on the camper van furniture, a product is used that is just as convincing as Osmo Hartwachs-Öl in terms of healthy indoor environment, choice of colour, long-lasting protection as well as application. Osmo Dekorwachs is ideally suited to the decorative coating of wall panelling, moulding, beams and doors or as a coloured base coat on wooden flooring. Dekorwachs surfaces are wear-resistant, dirt-repellent and resistant to household chemicals. Moreover, the coating is fast to saliva and perspiration and so when dry, it is completely safe for the whole family. Over 20 colours – 15 transparent and ten intense – can be mixed with each other to generate nearly endless design freedom. To give his Rustikab camper vans an individual look, Horst Fischer also has appropriate colour tones mixed to order.

For his next projects, in addition to in the interior, the natural raw material wood will also be used for exterior windows and doors. For this, a suitable product was quickly found in Holzschutz Öl-Lasur from Osmo. It combines base coat and wood stain in one coating and thus it offers a long-lasting innovative protection for all exterior wood. Its water-repellent and UV-stable surface effect is completed with lasting resistance to mould, algae and fungal attack. Since decorative satin Holzschutz Öl-Lasur comes in 15 colours, it too provides plenty of room for creative design.