She who carves with the chainsaw


What began four years ago as a hobby, the former nurse Res Hofmann now does full-time: chainsaw art. She uses the motorized device to carve artistic sculptures out of tree trunks. UV-Schutz-Öl from Osmo ensures a perfect finish.

Res Hofmann's late father had already worked as a carver and left her a small statue of the Virgin Mary. When she suffered a stroke of fate a few years ago, Res Hofmann remembered her family roots and made her first own wooden figure with a chisel. "Through crafting I found strength again," she says.

Res Hofmann came to chainsaw carving in 2015 after watching two artists do it at an event. "The noise, the power, the resulting sculpture - it all thoroughly excited me!" She started an experiment with a harmless but also weaker electric chainsaw. "Tedious!" she recalls with a laugh. It was only when she started working with the chainsaw that she really enjoyed it, cutting through Oak like butter. Res Hofmann made one figure after the other and became better as well as better known.

Osmo reference - Res Hofmann carves wood with a chainsaw


Most of the time Res Hofmann works with Oak. But fruitwoods, such as plum or cherry, are also put to use. Because the sculptures stand outside all year round, the finished material needs a protective coating. At first, Res Hofmann experimented with different oils and wood stains from the DIY store - with disappointing results: "The oils washed off quickly; the wood stains simply cracked and peeled off after a while."

Only since she started using UV-Schutz-Öl from Osmo has she been satisfied with the result: since chainsaw carvers work on the wood when it is fresh, severe drying cracks can form afterwards. She has found that the Osmo coating counteracts this. The wood can breathe and retains its elasticity. Res Hofmann keeps experimenting with the coating and she applies it in a way that her sculptures are optimally protected.

Res Hofmann puts finishing touches on sculpture - Osmo reference


The chainsaw artist is convinced. "There is currently nothing on the market that is nearly as good." Which is why she also recommends Osmo UV-Schutz-Öl to all of her colleagues that she meets at numerous events. For some time now, a lively chainsaw carving scene has been establishing itself in Germany. There are even championships at which the artists compete with each other.

Res Hofmann chisels wood sculpture - Osmo reference