At eye level with treetops

Pavilion at Landesgartenschau Bad Iburg decked out in Verto timber cladding from Osmo

At the Landesgartenschau, a regional garden festival in Bad Iburg, Germany, one of the largest attractions is the canopy walk. Visitors can stroll at an elevation of 10 to 28 metres eye-to-eye with massive tree canopies. Through 439 metres, the wheelchair-accessible boardwalk meanders past 630 trees and permits views of an animal and plant world that normally remains hidden from us ground-dwellers.

Not only is the nature in Bad Iburg worth seeing, but also the architecture at the garden festival. As information centre for the surrounding nature and geological park, the architects created the TERRA.vita Pavilion and cladded its facade with the VERTO Cladding System from Osmo. The pavilion’s organic form and the use of sustainable materials represent the connection to the nature and cultural landscape, and act as an example of responsible treatment of the environment. When the garden festival comes to an end in October, the pavilion will stay as a ticketing office and entrance area for the canopy walk.

Natural and sustainable

The focus of the pavilion architecture is environment and climate-friendly aspects – so the use of timber cladding from Osmo fits in perfectly. Pivotal to Osmo’s decision to commit to the project were the structure’s unique shape and successful integration into the surroundings as well as the close vicinity: Bad Iburg is only 30 kilometres from the head office in Warendorf.

VERTO Cladding System was especially developed for vertical installations and allows great freedom in design. In Bad Iburg, the rough sawn VERTO profiles made of Siberian Larch came into use, which enjoy a unique appearance thanks to Osmo Holzschutz Öl-Lasur Effekt Achat-Silver. VERTO Cladding System contains profiles that vary in width, thickness and colour and come in four formats. This enables countless combinations to mix and match. Depending on how they are combined, three-dimensional can be produced. The clean lines and modern look of VERTO can be clearly recognized at the TERRA.vita Pavilion and give this remarkable building at suitable finishing touch.

Landesgartenschau Bad Iburg - Germany